Who are your biggest inspirations ever on hopscotch?



If I had to narrow it down to two ppl, I would say @Funky_63_Greenland and @SmileyAlyssa . TheRealFunky63 always has amaaaazing projects and coding, and the awesome thing is, he/she (sorry idk!!) takes no time at all to make them which shows great dedication. If u look on her/his profile, there r heaps of in progress projects which means he/she takes on Hopscotch and coding with a progressive and logical approach. Good on u! Smiley Alyssa has awesome stuff on her account as well. What I love about her is that she is such a nice and modest person, and follows ppl and likes heaps of projects. Those r the two ppl who inspire me on Hopscotch!


Thx for the really nice words. Im a he born long time ago 1963 why Funky 63. Live on the top of the world in the world smallest capitol Nuuk Greenland. When i look television at the evenigs then i play with hopscotch for fun.:nerd_face:.i have played with hopsotch since i saw it in app store for about 4 years ago. Practice makes perfect
Funky 63


Thank you so much elecat!

squids are bootiful!


I’ve got the forums now! I think I signed up right after you posted this.

Thanks for putting me on your inspirations list. That’s very kind.


I love your minesweeper game! The coding is so impressive! I made one a while ago but I never published it and I did it a different way. If I ever publish I can show you how I did it :slightly_smiling_face:


Sounds good :+1: I’ll definitely take a look at it if you do.




This is just a small list, everyone is awesome!


True fact! Everyone is special I need their own way


Thanks you! I’m very flattered
Yes, everyone is special


First thought is Pi Studios - inspired my E-Pad with his Pi-Pad

Probably more though


thank you!! (But how can I be an inspiration without even using Hopscotch?)


How can I be an inspiration without even using Hopscotch?


I think that people remember our old projects (or drawings) and somehow don’t notice the inactivity


Thank you so much!! You’re awesome


Heyyy your on yay I’m happy


Hi! I just have to get ready for school soon. I’ll be back on


ur cool


AHHHH TYSM ILYYYYYYYYY have a great weekend