Who are your biggest inspirations ever on hopscotch?



aww thx <3

but nobody knew me at that time ;000


I’m assuming that this topic makes people happy


dude I remember you ;0



id really like everybody to forget me then, I was such cringe ;00


same here

like wth was I doing

I bet in 2 years I’ll look back on me now, and say the same

The daily rambling of a mindless girl

i just want everyone to forget me

like seriously look at @MemorableChicken

wait no dont please


oops sorry I clicked it XD


welp rip



my inspirations both artistically and personality wise i guess


awh thx elecat <3333


thank uuuu


HFHSJDJDBXNWNSS im a terrible role model dncbsbdn but ty :000


Oh I’m on there-
Thank you uvu


Cough what n o w???


aye your welcome owo


ahhH what ?? seriously :00 thx ele


Oops your right I meant pixel art!


Wow. Thank you so much! I never knew that some of my favorite Hopscotchers thought that about my projects! Thank so much and thanks to everyone else saying that I inspire them. This means a lot :slight_smile:


This is almost the 100th comment. Whoever is going to be the 100th comment, You’re cool :sunglasses:.


Mmm hi I guess