Who are your biggest inspirations ever on hopscotch?



That you so, so much! That means a lot and it made my day! :slight_smile:


;O; really?? oh my god. tysm DMF. ily dood


Thank you @HopscotchRemixer!


Some of my inspirations (That have the forum)

@SmileyAlyssa- You’re projects always feel so professional and of course I have so much fun working with you as Hopscotch Curators!

@CreationsOfaNoob- I am always so inspired by your innovative ideas/ projects. You always create something new and different which is why you’re projects are so awesome!

@William04GamerA- Your projects have such a unique style and your interactive technology trail arts are just so much fun! I looked forward to seeing more creative projects from you!

@Dylan329- I don’t know how you make so many pixel arts so fast but they are so impressive! I also enjoy playing games that you’ve made and I look forward to seeing the rest of your emoji guessing game!

@Awesome_E- All of your projects are different and so creative which makes every one of them really fun to play! Keep up the great work!

@IShallNotBeNamed- Your trail arts are incredible and look so realistic- I love seeing all of your newest projects/ trail arts!

Other Inspirations (That don’t have the forum)
Go check them out!

The Project Makers :sunglasses:
A Climbing Coder [CC]

These are just a few of my inspirations- I’ll post more later!


Thanks! :)




Why are people inspired by me? But thanks @HorseLover347


I think you meant pixel art. Thank you so much!


yeah no problem!
well ur a really good coder so xD


I’m no one’s inspiration XP


uhhh cat ur mineeee?
i’m no ones but ur mine ;p


Awe tysm
Your mine too ;p


my main inspirations on HS were

at least in the good old days


;-; awww thank you so much Photo, you were one of my biggest inspirations ever too, i remember the first time you ever noticed me on Hopscotch i actually cried ;;



Check newest they’d very inspirational


;0; what. oh my god , , really?? oh my god ahhh

seriously I would look at your art and just be awestruck :000 you were amazing. I was so happy when you followed me ;x;


wait wot now


yep yap yop



Awww photo thank you!!! Ilyyyyy


ahh no problem grizz!! ilyyyyy too