Who are your biggest inspirations ever on hopscotch?



thank you!! how are you? i haven’t seen you in a while!


TYSM! You are also one my inspirations!


Wow, thank you so much!:flushed: I never knew people were inspired by me


Ahhh TYSM lolly…IDK what to say


Aww thanks @FattCat it means a lot to me


No problem! It means a lot to me that you actually responded


You’re welcome! I’m pretty good, you know. Same old stuff: school, sports, a bad math grade, you know the usual hahaha.


@HopscotchRemixer @Explorer_ @Madi_Hopscotch_ @Dylan329 @background_inc @Mathgirl you’re welcome!! Also thanks (^-^)


The leaving train

Inspired me to not like Hopsotch


@SmilingSnowflakes, @photographer123, @CreationsOfaNoob - the very biggest
@BlackSeal (CWAB)


what um thank you but like why??


you cool
you sweg
you great at coding
you althea

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  4. got me there


you althea
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ok you win

you yogurt
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My biggest inspirations:
@BlastFusion Your projects are epic
@CreationsofANoob I can’t even begin to understand how you code
@DMF You make great games
@MR.GAM3R I always wonder how your projects work
@ThinBuffalo You are like a combination of everyone else, you make awesome projects and I don’t even know how they work😂


awwwww ;u;




Thanks :D


No problem :D