Who are your biggest inspirations ever on hopscotch?



Uhh, I already said it a million times… CryingLaugh. Check his stuff out, really.


People who make awesome games.


People who know a lot about the JSON and trial THT’s beta tests as well as figuring new ways to improve performance on the app. (Examples being @Thinbuffalo and the user above me @MR.GAM3R )


Hmm, I would say cat witha brush, @madi, @SuperGirl3Acer, magmapop and soccerdude09


Hm, a lot of people. @Maltese, @KayKat, @Intellection74, @Funky_63_Greenland, @MiNi, and a few others after I joined the forum.


and a lot of other ppl that i can’t remember at the moment


Aw, tysm! That makes me smile :slight_smile:


ah tysm !! :00Ooo sdfsd


Really awe
Thank you You are a HUGE inspiration too
You guys are my inspiration


thx xx


Don’t say stuff I don’t mean


what does that mean ?? XP


Thank you!

How on earth am I an inspiration to multiple people?!


It means I really do mean it
Lol sorry for the distress you had for 2 seconds


Lol don’t ask me!!!


awwwwww thx cat <3
sophia and u r my best forum friends
(BFFS) :wink:




Aaaah tysm <3
You’re amazing :DDD


HI fizzy how is the forum treating you?


ahhh thx xx
oh PSH yeah right but thxxxxxxx