Who are these characters?



I have been looking at pictures of Hopscotch characters when I came across these. Does anyone know who they are? The bottom one kind of looks like Cosmic Cody.

Want to be a character in my game?

I've wanted to investigate something for a while! So here what I know so far:they might be some sort of teaser,the website that posted them seems to make sketches using IPad drawing apps,but they don't look like sketches do they?


Maybe from the old hopscotch? and the characters got upgraded




I think it's old characters that couldn't come because it was not chosen in something like a vote or maybe it had to many bugs or something.


reviving this topic


Reviving. This is awesome, I found this when I searched for Cosmic Cody at Google.


Reviving this because I wanna find out more about it :0

and hopefully this wont turn into an argument topic if someone doesnt like that this is revived ://


Revive since I have a theory
I think the pink cat is like cupcake before ya know being a cupcake