Who are the mods?


Anyone know who the forum moderators are?


Yeah. I do.


Who are they?


We don’t have any with abilities (except the Hopscotch Team, but they rarely use them) at the moment, but we can all do our best to help the community like they would (^-^)


Moderators are helping out the community and moderating the forum, but last year, all the kid leaders got demoted and now, THT is moderating the forum. t1 (@t1_hopscotch) was a moderator and an intern for our community, but now she isn’t a leader anymore (she isn’t moderating the forum actively at least). I have explained moderators shortly here:


I still don’t know who they are


At the current moment, only the hopscotch team are moderators and admins. We used to have T1 as a moderator, but she is not anymore.

In 2016, we had 2 moderators from the community, buildasnowman and kiwicute. They were demoted last year, for official reasons.





Yeah, I feel like we need to do something about moderators… The THT is not online often…


The moderators are the people in The Hopscotch Team.


the user moderators were: buildasnowman, kiwicute2015, poptart, t1hopscotch
forum leaders were: Anonymous, MathGirl, Intellection74, SmilingSnowflakes, Gilbert and a few more


I’m a mod lol