Who are the @modaraters!


I want to know who the leaders are but i know there are these
And one other one which i want to find out!


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Montoya isn't a leader. He doesn't want to be


So ian would be the one?


There are a few topics like this


The active leaders I can recall are:

The mods are:

The admins are (I think, not sure):

Correct me if I'm wrong, please. :smile:

There are a few other topics like this, make sure to SBYP next time. ;)


You are @Dude73 not wrong


Thanks, Nonny! :joy:
Glad you're back for a little while, at least. :smile:


No I'm Anonymous


Yes, you are

Still, Welcome back for the time being! :smile:


Lol thanks but I'm going to get roasted


Hi @Anonymous!!!:blush::blush::blush::blush:


I thought u left anonyrock


I'm bored tho and I saw you like 5 times in the hallway u ignored me xD


I only saw you once XD

what was I supposed to do anyway? Talk and block traffic and be late to class?


I saw u 5 times

Oh well you probably don't even know what I look like xD
(You ignored me in scioly last year tooooooo)

No you could've waved lol

Ehhh its fine xD


Timelord and I almost asked you if you were Anonymous last year, before you told us.

I'm prettyyyy sure what you look like, but I don't wanna end up waving to some random guy in the hall so yea


No you did ask

I answered TL's question about polls and then he started looking at the back of the classroom and murmuring his question idk why

Then he started talking to you and you guys walked right in front of us

If you thought I was the person without the sore throat then you are correct (beige backpack and red iPad, not black iPad and idk my friends' backpack color)


I dun remember that XD



If a random person goes up to you and says "aye" carrying a white binder as well as a blue/black one then it's meeeeee

Also my locker is part of the half locker thingies on the third floor (so disappointing because my hr is on the first floor on the other side of the school)