Who are the members of the Hopscotch team



Who are the members of the hopscotch team


Welcome. To the forum!
The members are
@Ian (not anymore)
and more that I forget and don't know! :D



Welcome to the forum!

I don't know THT's peeps so don't look at me for answers!

If you ever need help do @StRiKe_Charler123 and I'll be there to help!


Ian actually is only traveling around South America, I believe! He's still here :D
As well!


Yeah :D

I just meant currently his isn't with the tream working at the office! :D





Oh! Okay!
But he is still here, and he's an AWESOME part of the team! :D


How could I forget!
Me and my short term memory XD


I agree completely! :D


I see the leaders are already covered... Here are some other good people to turn to for help, questions, etc.

The leaders:
And some more people too!

The moderaters:
And some more people too!


@StRiKe_Charler123 are you even in StRiKe? My friend is in StRiKe and he doesn't recognize you!


Don't forget @Meg!


I wanna be like @Rodrigo when I'm older. Designer. :-).


Welcome to the forum @megaman3 :D


I think there's also @awesomeonion. :thinking:

Yes, @awesomeonion is the cofounder and the CTO of hopscotch.


The most active members you will find on the forum however are
@asha (occasionally)


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Sam actually works for Discourse, the platform the forum is based on. :D


And @Rodrigo! :D


Oh, wow, thanks! I'm really happy to see that you want to be a designer. What kind of designer do you want to be?

Also, I hope that you become a better designer than me :slight_smile: