Who Am I?guess plz


Hi people ! Guess who I am!! Leaders plz be quiet.

Here are clues
-I have at least one featured I may have more .Im not telling u
-I hate donut dump (Donald trump)

Have fun


Hey! Guessing topics like this aren't allowed. So, I'm sure you've got a very cool account, but stick with being anonymous on this account. Okay? :wink:


Unless you'd like to reveal yourself! :D


Oh ok didn't realise although I've been on here for like 4 months


I guess it's because of his profile picture with laser eyes! :3


I might

Maybe .Dont quote XD


Are ya @Phil_Perry? c:



I'm not xXBARNSLEYFCXx or KVJ either


Naww sorry


I will tomorrow or when this gets loads of replys


Are you me?


lol no


R u a potato? Anoymonus?


Can people stop making these spam accounts? :wink:


It's not a spam account
It's my phone account

So plz don't assume this



:0000 rlly?


Yeah u didn't think so did u :joy:


I thought u were @Anonymous bc u were anonymous (x3 get it?)


Yes but it's bad joke :joy::joy:


Ya it is x33333


Gtg to cinema whoop woop yay