Who Am I? Am I a...POTATO?



I now have a secret account!

tankt2016 is BACK!!! (Okay, as of a year ago, but still.) We have been using secret accounts since then. Guess mine! I will be posting clues on here about once a week.

Clue 1

Everything is AWESOME!!!

  • A famous Hopscotcher
  • A not-very-known Hopscotcher
  • A rockstar
  • Some random guy…

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-tankt2016 (girl)


Okay, second hint: Sorry, everybody, I’m not a potato! (Why’d everyone pick that anyway?)
I have not been featured, rising, or trending on this account. I draw a lot.
Does this narrow it down?

  • A cat with LASER EYES!!!
  • A rockstar
  • A not-very-known Hopscotch “doodler”
  • An account with emojis in the username
  • I’m tellin’ ya, a potato.

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The third hint can be found in another one of my topics, a recent one.
But here’s the fourth: Meow.

And why doesn’t anyone think I’m a rockstar?


Does anyone want to be a beta tester for a project on my secret account?

Well, once I reveal it, of course.
There are five spots for beta testing.
But anyway, info:
Project name: E-BOOKS
Description: It’s just like iBooks, basically. Virtual reading. There are several genres, including Jokes, Stories, Adventure, and History.


Okay… am I…

  • Unikitty!!!:rainbow::dizzy:
  • A bear
  • A rockstar
  • Definitely a potato.
  • Nikittyuay

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Inthay: Iay maay Nikittyuay!


Why does everyone think I’m a potato???
Iay maay Nikittyuay!!!
Fiay ouyay ancay eadray igpay atinlay…


Am I…

  • Unikitty!!!:rainbow::dizzy:
  • Da thing in pig latin!
  • Always a potato!

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