Who all on Hopscotch is a artist?


I’d like to meet all the artists on Hopscotch! I haven’t been on for a while, and I’ve noticed some new artists going around, and I’d like to meet them!

Yes, I am Winged_Cat, it’s just that silly ol me forgot my password XD

I’m also having problems with drawing, like the cursor will glitch back to the middle and it annoys the heck out of me :frowning:


I’m Kayro but my art is on CampfireEndor


Ehh I’m okay at drawing. Im not really new tho


Hey, I’m Dudey. I draw on HS, but my account for that is secret.

There’s a drawing topic here on the forum, if you want to see all of our real life art.


I don’t make art on Hopscotch, but I do make it in the drawing topic:


Hey. I’m photo. I draw on HS…too much. XP
Anyways heylo! ;3


I draw

I’m not an artist tho


I’m dogwithapen and I’m an artist. If you want to see my drawings or if you need any help, just ask!


I’m SummarianStudios I’m a coder on Hopscotch but I’m an artist to so I post drawings here. If you give me a screenshot of the pad’s code I can help