Who A Hopscotcher is



We start this discussion with the activity page. What, you may ask, does this have to do with A Hopscotcher ? Well, we will get there. So we start with the activity page, where you get a little notification to show that sombody has supported you in some way. You can look on your activity page and check whether it is a like, follow, remix or, if you are new, Axolotl's project giving you tips and welcoming you to the community. Somtimes you will come across a notification that says that A Hopscotcher liked or remixed your project or followed you. Like in the picture down below:

A while ago, many people were asking "Who is A Hopscotcher ?"
And the hopscotchers who knew were trying to reply to all of the others' posts.
This year, some people were making projects saying "I'm scared, my activity says that A Hopscotcher liked my my project, but when I tap on his/her profile there's nothing ! When I search up: A Hopscotcher, he/she isn't there ! It's starting to scare me !"
So this is just a brief reminder that A Hopscotcher is just a person on a phone or on a device that you can't have a real profile on, so they are called A Hopscotcher. The Hopscotch team are working hard to make sure that soon, everyone can have a profile of their own, no matter what device that you are on!


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A hopscotcher is just A hopscotcher.


A Hopscotcher is a person liking your project from the iPhone. They don't have an account, they can just browse projects. Since they don't have an account, when the like, they show up as 'A Hopscotcher.'

Please search before you post, there is already many topics about this :slight_smile:


That makes sense thanks!!!!:hugging: