WhiteFox Production's Art Contest!



Hi im going to start a art contest! why? why not!


Draw anything with a Bear!

The Twist!

their will be different medians each time! but for this round you may use

black/white and one color (u can use diff. shades of that color)

People i would like to join but they don't have to :smiley:


people in



Dang it
I just put away my art supplies.


lol :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: been there done that


I shall start today....I'm so glad I can do this!!!!


btw SS i changed my name to WhiteFox Productions


Sure, I'll join!
When is the deadline for the entry?


On hopscotch?!? NOOOOOOOOO......


yea... hehe and its due in 24 hours so 11am ish PST


OOOOHHH! I better get started. I'm not doing any color. Is that ok?


yea thatsfine :smiley: entry can be colored or not colored


Does it have to be pure blooded teddy bear or can it be a costume or a kid holding a teddy bear?


any type it just has to have a teddy bear


Good! I have a really cute idea!


Can it be another kind of bear? Panda, polar, black bear?




Ok great I'm almost done!


Ok here it is! You aren't getting another picture because I'm gonna finish coloring it for the Drawing on Paper vs Digital topic.

Ps. Her costume is supposed to be a bit big!


I might join, if I complete my draw pad in a about a day.


@Kiwicute2016 please unlock the Drawing on IPad vs Drawing on paper! The bit closed it 4 minutes ago!!!!


Hey Bestie! How ya doing? btw i did the cat in the window drawing