White screen glitch


I trie to play some games but it glitches and turns white


that doesnt happen to me…


Can you try to get a photo of this happening? It may help figure out what’s going On.


Try updating. I think i know what you mean.


yeah. it could be dat too.


@Metros does it look like this?


Does it go, “whomp”

1. Uptate your Hopscotch app
2. Restart your device
3. Buy a new device, yours might to too old to run the project


Yeah it does it’s weird


K it does the same for me whenever i’m trying to load a draft. I think its just a loading screen to load the objects.


It mean the project is too big for Hopscotch to handle


Hi @Metros

Do you by chance have an IPad Air 2?

Projects turning white after they initially play properly is most likely this bug related to use of a Set Text block with a variable:

It used to display a Whomp message but now the screen just goes white.

THT is aware and has tried to fix it but so far has been unable to.

Post #14 in the topic linked above shows a work around to extend to time until the screen goes white.


Remove any looped set texts and Unicode characters


This happened to me last year, but then it worked again after a while. This is probably due to the “file size bug” or the “set text bug” that @ThinBuffalo explained.


Yeah, Unicode makes things lag my around 15 FPS, which is what I figured out in my tests


Actually, here is a good way to fix it (works reliably):

  1. Save it as a draft
  2. Close (swipe up in multitasking) Hopscotch
  3. Reopen the app
  4. Copy the project.

(If that doesn’t work, do step 4 before 2 and 3)


Ok thanks guys but it’s weird still


Ah, ok
Yeah, that works

(Oh, some other thing, I used to have a glitch where I couldn’t even upload drafts or publish them because they were big. Yikers!)