White Screen Bug


The bump blocks are not used anywhere in the project, so it shouldn’t be that.

This hasn’t happened very regularly, but I think it might only happen to Set Variable blocks. Not 100% sure though.

I had the project open, and Hopscotch crashed (the whole app, not just the player). When I opened the draft again, all progress since I last opened it was gone.


So this means if a save was skipped and the project exits abnormally, then that last edit is lost.


Ok, so this explains the missing last digit or text character typed. It also implies that you’re saving after every “key stoke”, right? So for text or number entry, why not wait until the user is done, then save. This way the last edit won’t (or at least is much less likely to) conflict with an in-process save.

Perhaps with logic like this:

  1. Save when the text/number bubble looses focus
  2. Save after some time-out period (e.g. 5 or 10s) if the bubble still has focus but no additional change has been made
  3. Save if the bubble still has focus (and hasn’t been saved due to rule #2), but project is played

Or, you could attemp to save every key stroke and follow the above logic only when/if a save was missed due to a conflicting in-process save.

Note: It’s very appreciated that you have significantly reduced the editor lag for larger projects. That used to be very frustrating.