White Screen Bug (DONE)


I’m making a project, which keeps on causing the White Screen bug.
This happens on all iPads I’ve tested. I’m using iOS 11 and the latest Hopscotch version.

This is super frustrating, could you please look into it?

@Liza, @Ana, @awesomeonion, @Rodrigo


Hi @CreationsOfaNoob. Can you tell us which project it is? Do you have any idea of when (after what code was added) it started doing this? Thanks for letting us know.


It sometimes happens with me too. Have you tried closing the draft and opening it again?


The project is called Testing Roads. It’s in my drafts.

I’m not entirely sure, but I think it started crashing after I added physics to the car.


That’s the only thing you can do when the project crashes that way.


Now that’s weird.


Weird. Do you have any complicated code, many objects or something similar in the project?

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Hey, hey. Send me screenshots of your code either here in this post or to this email: help@gethopscotch.com. We’ll have a look at it. Thanks!


Hey. The project has a lot of code, should I upload it and post the link instead?

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yep, that would be great!



This is the link to the project. I’ve also noticed two other bugs with this project:

  • Frequent lag spikes in the player. I tried countering this, that’s why the car speeds up a bit after a lag spike.

  • The last number edited in the editor will sometimes loose its last digit when exiting the project.


By the way, Hopscotch just crashed and made me loose all progress.


@Ana Woah! This happened to me as well yesterday. I thought I was loosing my mind, so I chose to ignor it at the time.


I tried playing COAN’s linked project. After a few seconds the screen went white and then crashed with this new message after being re-launched (I sent the report).


@CreationsOfaNoob What do you mean by “all progress”? Since the last server upload?

This is really odd. Unless something was just changed, Hopscotch saves locally as you go. So even if the app crashes, it will open the draft from your local data and you can carry on where you left off.


I lost all progress i’d made since I last exited the draft.


tell me the updated link to that project, @CreationsOfaNoob.


Thanks for this guys! We are looking into it.


Are the lags related to “bumps” events? I’ve noticed that the bump block has a lag and it’s on my list of things to fix.

I will check out the project and see what’s up. From my understanding there are 4 separate issues:

  • COAN’s project causes Hopscotch to crash
  • the last number edited in the editor doesn’t save (does this happen when you exit from the player, from the editor, or both?)
  • lags in the player
  • code for this project didn’t save–was this after it crashed or after you exited the project and closed Hopscotch?
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Some context on how saving works

  • we save your project in the background as you are editing after each change you make
  • if a previous save is still in progress (this happens for a large project) then we will not save your change and instead will wait until the next available change to save.
  • when you exit the project we save it.

This is a relatively recent change to make editing large projects faster (and in some cases, possible at all). Previously we would save each change you made and you couldn’t make another until it was done.

One thing that would help would be if we did more incremental saves rather than saving the whole project at once.