Which Trail Art


What kind of trail art should I make next? Tell me in the comments!!


First like and reply! You could probably do a trail art of your fav cartoon ch.


Okay. I was think about that but I don't really watch cartoons. Maybe u can tell me a character?


Big Hero 6_baymax is from the Dianey movie Big Hero 6_


Okay I will look him up.


Anybody else have any suggestions for trail art?




Ooh. Trail art is super fun to make. Maybe try to challenge yourself with a hard one! I'd love to see some Hopscotch characters done with trail art (@mathgirl has made a phenomenal Mr. Mustache trail art. Here's the project). A simple one (as far as the characters go. xD) I would suggest is Sloth or Jody. I'm always open to help if you need any!