Which subscription should i buyyyyyy


Okayyyyy so I'm thinking about getting a subscription, BUUUUT I dunno if I should get the cheaper one, where I pay annually, but still somehow per month, OR if I should get the one where I pay per month, but costs more
You're amazing super popular (lol jk) friend,


How long do you think you will play on Hopscotch?


Well I'll be on hopscotch for quite a bit of time.


If you think you will stay for a long time, try to go with the one-time payment

But if you're short on money, do the subscription if you don't have $80+ on you

But if you have a lot of money on you, go with the one-time payment. It's a better investment


For some reason it says it's $6.67.


calms down

Can you add a pic?


Yea I just checked

Ernie Higgins is filling up space


Who? What does that mean?


It means I needed a 20 character limit. :wink:
Also here ya go


What's the difference with the 2nd one?


Says "paid annually". Just makes me confuzzled, that's all.


I have no idea what the difference is...

Some ppl of the HS Team




Pretty sure that's more than 20% off...
And tbh I thought there was only one XD


It seems like you pay $6.67 every year...? That isn't right.


Alish is no longer part of THST



It said he was one of the mods....


Alish is also a guy. He made the old Hopscotch videos. You could tag @thomas


*facepalm *


I think it's saying that you pay $80 a year, $6.67 a month. :D


** puppy dog shrugs **