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Orangescents story

You see yourself surrounded by strangers in a white room with no windows. Some are pointing at a map, others are looking at a screen with your heartbeat. The screen starts to go faster, and they turn around to see you. Some smile, some frown at you.
You finally find your voice, and ask in a confused,weak voice, "Where am I?"
The strange people in lab coats suddenly exchange looks of worry to each other. Finally, a female scientist steps forward and clears her throat. "You have nothing to fear, Courtney, you're merely being tested for some, should I say, experiments."
Another person steps up, this one was looking at a map. He continues his colleague's explanation. "To cut to the chase, the sea has been undergoing some changes in pressure. This is causing vast problems for ecosystems in the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic Ocean. We need an able, willing, and brave person to find the source of the pressure changes, and take notes of how it is affecting the organisms living in the specific areas we tell you to."
This is too much for you. "So basically, you take me here against my will, and then think I'll be happy to let you drop me in the middle of the sea, and swim till I die? When did I say you could do this to me!?"
The man smiled. "We thought you might say that, so we have an incentive for you. As you go along your journey, you will collect memories of your past that we have placed carefully among the areas of your objectives.
We assure you that if you follow all of our instructions, you will regain each and every one of your memories. Also, if this isn't enough for you, you will gain a substantial portion of our share if all goes well."
Your ears are hanging on every word. "How much are we talking?"
Now, the woman took over and replied, "if all goes well,approximately 200,000 dollars."
You are officially won over, and ready to start.
"Where and when do I start?"
The woman smiles and enthusiastically comments"Glad you're on board, we'll begin now. The first place you will explore is the Atlantic Ocean. Beware, though, we do not guarantee a luxurious cruise. You will have many obstacle to overcome. We wish you the best of luck."
And with that, you are escorted into a submarine. It's size is suffocating, but you know in the end it'll be worth it.
You will finish this task.
And you will get back your memories

Lotsapizzas story

Your eyes open to the emergency room.
You look around, frantic. What am I doing here? You think, Where are all the people?
Instead of panicking, you decide to recall information. My name is Zed. I'm 16 years old. I'm a boy. (You can have a choose your gender thing, so for a girl: My name is Suzanne. I'm 16 years old. I'm a girl).
A person wanders into the room, wearing all white with blue gloves. You stare at the syringe in their hand.
"W-What are you going to do to me?" The questions are racing through your head, bubbling in your throat.
"Don't worry, sweetie. This is just to test your health," the person says. It is a feminine voice. A woman approaches, with long black hair in a ponytail and pale blue eyes. She's probably only 16 or 17, like you.
"My name is Bianca. I'll be treating to you. You were harmed in a surfing accident-We're testing your blood, just to make sure that you're ready to leave." Bianca inserts the needle into your neck, (in girl cases, pushing your blond hair to the side). She...pulls out your blood and fits it in a container. She takes a wire and connects it to the vial with your blood, her eyes glued to the computer screen. Eventually, she grins and turns to you.
"You're good to go! I'm coming with you. Just so you know!" You grin, excited by Bianca's bright, bubbly personality.

  1. Lotsapizzas
  2. Orangescents



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The wind carries stray particles of sand, slamming into your face, stinging. You are with Bianca, Matthew and Melody. You grin when you catch sight of your best friend, Orion. He's holding 2 surfboards, 3 more sitting on the ground. A bruise sits above his eyebrow, which you ignore. Your friends and you each run for a surfboard.
When the waves climb up your ankles, you laugh. Running with Orion into the waves, you feel something sticky against your feet. You gasp.
"Orion! Bianca! Matthew! Mel-" Before you can finish calling for help, you're underwater with Melody. Orion comes in after, then Bianca and Matthew. You close your eyes and sink deeper.
When you open your eyes, you're not in an emergency room. You're in the sea. Orion is swimming next to you-he's breathing. That's when you realize that you are, too. You laugh, grinning.
"Dude, I'm breathing!"
"Yeah, dude. So am I, Melody, Bianca and Matthew," Orion jokes. You laugh again, but this time, something pangs you in the stomach. Fear? Guilt? No.
You feel sad. You miss your family. Your little sister, Grace. Your mom. Your dad. Now you understand your mission.
You have to escape the deepsea.