Which specific characters would be cool to have?



There's a lot of people asking for characters. But, which characters have you been waiting for? Here's a list of characters I will personally like to see:

  • Ninja
  • Samurai
  • Spaceship
  • Alien monster
  • Space trooper
  • Ghost
  • Abstract shapes (like just a square)
  • A silly dog
  • Happy mountain
  • Happy cloud

What do you want? A unicorn? A tiger? Princess? 20 types of cats?

Also, which kind of style do you wish? Pixel art? The style that it's already here? Hand drawing? Watercolor, marker characters?


I totally agree:ok_hand:🏻:ok_hand:🏻:ok_hand:🏻


@Rodrigo awesome list! I absolutely love the style of the character in Hopscotch right now so I like them the way they are :smiley:

I personally don't have any requests and I'm still in love with the characters we have already (I don't have favourites since they're all awesome but I really like Bird which is why she is my avatar :wink:)


I have some stuffed animals that I would LOVE to see as a character!
(1) bunnies

(I just realized that now people can make projects of part of my room haha)
(2) cat (I know, it's a real cat.)



Animals (dogs, unicorns, cats, bunnies and more!), humans like Chillana and Star Girl and Cosmic Cody, food (carrot, apple, french fries, and more!), and other types as well! I'd also like to have the characters named above be in Hopscotch style. (Not Anime style for me.)

But, I think that if Hopscotch releases a lot of new characters in every category, we could have the characters be in categories when we create a project? Like the carrots and apples go in food and Star Girl goes in human?

We should also have a drawing character contest using drawpads in Hopscotch to draw a character? We could submit them to a channel so that Hopscotch can choose which character they want?

We don't want TOO MUCH characters so that it will become more like a character game than a coding game.


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Well I would like these that I found on the Internet


@Huggingfluffybear those characters you found on the internet were actually submitted as draft characters by the artist who has made the Hopscotch characters so far :open_mouth: Hopscotch would have chosen the characters they liked the most out of those.


Ok that makes scene I heard people call them draft charecters but I didn't know what it meant. Thanks!


I have that pink dog on my bed


@AwesomeWolf18 wow..........


The jungle parrot tho xD


We Can Make Our Own Custom Characters! Because, I Want Cat Mario As A Character.


Yeah that would be awesome!!


Hey! I Have A Good Idea! A Dog! It'll Look Like This:

And It'll Be Named Curly!

(That Was My Dog Bella XD)


Hmmm. I feel as if I've been asked this question a million times but never answered it, and actually, I haven't been asked once! Something that should be added should be a newer thing like a hamburger or something.


I used the creativity I have plus how good I am at art and made a diagram of a dragon that I made up:

Not very good, but why not share it?


I like ninjas, more ACTUAL people like a snowboarder, and more ACTUAL animals: llama, cat, tiger.


I want a cat, like this:

Except in a hopscotch style.


OMG! @Rodrigo What about a underwater dog character! YAAASSSS YAAASSSS