Which project are you most proud of?



Mine is this
Yes yes i know there is a topic about it but i was just saying that this took 3-4 days and only has 7 likes so far! So what is yours


Can you please change your profile picture back?


Ok sorry i didnt have time


Much better :smile:.

Now, to contribute to the topic, my project that I am most proud of is... Well, I actually don't have one. As long as I am learning, I'm happy!


I really think thats the best i have ever done on any projects so far


Can we change it to other things that isn't other people's still?


I'm most proud of My Holiday Card w/ mini-games v1.0


I am most proud of Squirrelville!


Either my Impossible Quiz or Help the Nerd. I'm working on two big projects now, though.