Which one should I do

Hi there ! So I haven’t posted a project on hopscotch for a long time so I wanted to make a big project ! But I haven’t got much ideas so I took my time to gather up my ideas so you could choose which one to do !
Also leaders can move this topic any time

Which one should I do ?
  • Christmas party
  • STOP the quiz game
  • Kitchen simulator
  • Home simulator
  • Tv simulator

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Nice - great to see you looking to code!

However, in the future the best place for this is the YCTAHCH (If you don’t know what the topic is lmk). It also makes it easier for the leads so they don’t have to keep portalling :wink:


ooh interesting question indeed!
like silversong mentioned this topic is a little big for just the poll - so would you like to use it for updates about the project too maybe?


Sure ! Thanks !

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Hmm…I think a TV Simulator would be nice. But like some others have said, this kind of stuff can be posted in the yctayhch.

But…I see now that you are going to post updates about the project! I’m so excited. Maybe you could create a beta-testing team to give you feedback, too. Either way, make sure you tag me with the new updates :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.