Which is more appreciated?


This is a test. O:
I made two projects, and I'm wondering which is more appreciated: Code or Trail art? I made them the same area. Here are the links:
That's the code.
And that's the Trial Art.
Which is more appreciated in your opinion?

  • Trial Art
  • Code


This is a test poll

  • Yes
  • It doesn't work.



I dont know which one :neutral_face:


So far, trail art is more appreciated. :D


I mean, they're both just circles, so this test might not have the best results. If you made a huge trail art, then made it out of shapes, then you would get better results. This was a great idea tho!


It was just a simple one, or it would probably take 15-30 days. :D


Trail art is code tho.


As in code with set size and looks and sounds. :D

Not draw a trail and movement. :D

I'm using a title when I do smiley face emoticons! :D

Quote to see this one. :D