Which is better for making music?


Hey guys! I'm trying to make a song and I wanted to know if it is easier to use piano or xylophone sheet music. Thanks!


I use clarinet but piano I think, wich do you know


Piano is easier i think...

@PercyJackson9 do you know play the clarinet?

cause I do ;D


Yeah​:blush: She'll I'm learning so it's easier for me


I play drums XD....


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Xylophone... I dunno, last played it since elementary school.

Piano... well, there are either lead sheets (I think..) or the full version.
Lead sheets show the basic notes and chords, and the rest is up to you.
Full ones are the full ones, chords and all...

So basically, it matters if the song in particular has sheets on it at all, because most songs have too many to sort thru.

So yeah, I dunno.


Well I do have a whole book of xylophone sheet music so idk...


Try the xylophone first, because of its lower range like hopscotch, but piano when you have the hang of it for the chords


Piano is a go...

filler text cus im lazy


I think piano because those are the notes used I'm pretty sure.


Same @UptownStudios I play drums too​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yes! High five! I might go get my own set today!


Lucky!!!!!!! I still have to use my brothers old jazz set.


I like to use xylophone, becuase it is simple and easier to understand for me

(Plus I am in percussion so I have the music already)