Which is better? Creating, or playing?



Lol just tell me which u like better, creating or playing, if playing, tell me what u like to play
For creating tell me what u liek to create lol it's simple
I like both because

I would like u to like dis so I can get another badge :3



here's a poll you can use....its way easier​:wink:

  • creating
  • playing


Votes are public.


I don't want a poll plz delete dat poll
I like post feedback


Plz delete the poll in ur post I like feedback thro posts


Fine u delete the post and I put a poll in so I get the votes :3


I like creating better, although playing projects is fun. When you create a project there aren't any boundaries. You don't have someone telling you what to do- you can do whatever you want. You can explore and discover new things. You can teach others. You can experiment. You can make something others thought unimaginable. All you need is some confidence, imagination, and creative thinking. I think that's pretty cool.


Unless ur in someone else's collab :3


Turdl hax fren dat iz in colab


Also can u get me leader I was 99% there but then my iPad broke ;-;


Heez ultron


Creating is the heart of hopscotch.... But playing... Is why you do it.

So To me You cant really tell.....

But opion wise..... I think playing... Mostly I dont really understand the new update... I only used my brothers iPad so I cant really tell my thoughts...


No comment...


He's da bos uv da colab but hees varee nise too mee


@turdl plz stop the joke is over


Sorry, I can't give you the Leader badge (I'm not a Moderator). It takes a long time to earn it. You need to responsible, active, helpful, trustworthy, etc. You never know if you might earn it one day, though!

Check out this post for more info:


Can u Ask them because I was soooooo close to getting it and they even said that

Or should I stop nagging...


Ok fine gabe_n the @turdl thing is over



Why do u hate the joke




I asked u a question so answer it NOW