Which Hopscotcher are you contest!


You must know the rules to a contest?

All you do is nominate someone for a cartorgory.Only five per category.I will be fair​:blush: You can't nominate urself

The categories:

The Spam liker .No more for spam liket

@Candycane @tankt2016 @MiracleShoutouts @smishsmash and @AHappyCoder

The replier (replies to loads of topic!)

The positive one.

The topic maker!

That's them all .Cool!! Let's go

May the best win


I nominate myself (@Candycane) for the spamliker


I'm replier. Or topic maker. Or helpful.


Wait sorry I forgot to say u can't nominate urself sorry .



I nominate myself for the Categories. I think I fit into that one the best.


XD .Btw I thought u left :joy:




Cool topic!


I nominate @SmileyAlyssa for the positive one!



I think there should be one called the swaggest Person on the forum.

I nominate @PopTart0219 for swaggest


I'm not gonna add it coz people could be offended


I nominate @Candycane @tankt2016 @MiracleShoutouts @smishsmash and @AHappyCoder



I won't be nominated for anything loL


I nominate candycane then


Sorry no more spam likers and sh has already been nominated


List for what?


That's the OMTL :wink:


Ok. Thx 4 tagging me!


Oh u added urself? Cool


I didn't...................