Which hashtags were removed


'Scuse me
Guys which hashtag was removed
Jus' wonderin'


challenge was one of them


I think #emojitecture might have been another, but I'm not sure. The Hopscotch Team removed a few because they were being filled with projects that didn't belong in those categories.

And I just want to quote tips from Liza :blush::

I understand your question perfectly here @Wow_woman, but using good grammar just helps to make your question clearer that's all :smile:


The #fashion, #minecraft, Challenges, #emojitecture, and possibly more were removed. I guess they just weren't being used enough


I'm sorry I just felt like doing that
I won't do it again.


It's okay don't worry @Wow_woman you didn't do anything wrong :smile::smiley:


Mostly, people weren't really publishing into them. We thought they might help create smaller, more interest-based communities in Hopscotch (like drawing or games) but they were basically all the same. So, better to have everything in once place than bunches of similar things in different places. It helps you find what you're looking for!

What do you think? Do you want to find certain kinds of projects? How do you do that? Thanks!


But why Challenges? Don't YOU choose who gets in them! I liked it! (Mostly cause I was in their twice :wink: hehe)


I agree Liza in games people put chat rooms