Which has a better color span? Hopscotch colors or rl colors?


I will post a picture of a drawing irl and one in hs.



Real life.

Ever seen a rainbow?


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RGB is almost all the colors that you can see, I think, so I don’t really know which color spans are the best.


RGB is accountable for all the colours visible possible on current screens, but the capability of screens is limited compared to real colours. At its core, screens do not display any real colour other than said red, green, and blue, so the colours irl are obviously more variant, but the difference is less noticeable when accounting for the perceived colours rather than what is literally there.


Ok here’s a pic. I’m bad at drawing but this is to get the idea.

sorry it’s bad and the hs one


I agree with you ISNBN


I thought that, although I didn’t have the time to write down a full post explaining my thoughts in more detail.


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