Which Harry Potter Character Are You? (Releases on February 19!)



I just love Harry Potter SO. MUCH!! So, I've decided to make a quiz on it!

Which Harry Potter Character Are You?

Like @PopTart0219, I'm making a big quiz. I've decided to step out of remixing projects and start coming up with my own ideas. Since I love values, I decided to make a quiz that will hopefully get Trending or Featured, but I don't care about that. I just want people to like it, and I want to get it right. I decided February 19 because, well, this is gonna be quite an easy quiz to make since I know a lot about values.
(@SmileyAlyssa's reference)

Values are really... Valuable.

The characters you will have choices to pick as are:
•Hermione Granger
•Harry Potter
•Ron Weasley
•Ginny Weasley
•Fred and George Weasley
•Dudley Dursley
•Lord Voldemort
I'm working really hard on this, so please don't hate on it! I love to make quizzes because I've been working really hard, and I think I know what to do for my 74 Contest application now! (@Intellection74)
I just need a few things from you guys:

•Music. I want somebody to make some music for me, and if the Sorting Hat music is in the movies, then I want that tune. If not, just adventure music or any music played in Harry Potter movies.

•HSB colors. I want certain HSB colors. For example, dark red, blood red, gold, dark blue, stuff like that, and certainly HSBs from the covers of some Harry Potter books.

•Spells. I need examples of a few Harry Potter spells for each character. For example, if they have to pick any Unforgivable Curse, I could do Avada Kedavra, Cruciactus Curse, Imperius Curse, All of them, none, stuff like that.

Thank you and I hope you will support me the best you can!
Also, if somebody could give me any questions and answers for my quiz, that would be awesome!
P.S. @PopTart0219 I hope you don't mind that my quiz releases the day your's does.


-All characters and values set. Two questions down.
(Feb. 5, 2016. Friday 12:14 PM)
-Some questions made and answers added.
(Feb. 6, 2016. Saturday 3:15 PM)


I have a link that has all the spells seen in Harry Potter.


I was thinking of a question like "Pick any spell you could use." And some options would probably be: Expelliarmus, Lumos, Wingardion Lupiosa, Accio, Alohomora, etc.


Oh, okay. Well I have some colors for you too.

Dark Red- HSB(350,83,66)

I don't really know what blood red looks like. Sorry about this one!

Gold- HSB(48,100,100)

Dark Blue- HSB(238,100,65)

I'm sorry @friendship2468 if these aren't really the shades you were looking for. I tried! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Don't worry. Those were just colors for the answers.


If you could, would you find some red-orange hair color HSB for me?



Sorry for the late reply, but I was looking through the 200+ new posts on the drawing topic.


Okay, I'll try that and add it. If I need it, of course. I was using SketchBookX to find my HSBs... I've got two questions down!


@Follow4LikesOfficial @comicvillestudios @ihasfluffycupcakes can somebody make me the music? I'll copy it down in my project but I just need the music! Something adventurous, like the tune from when Aunt Marge blows up in the Prisoner of Azkaban movie.


I never saw a Harry Potter movie, sorry


You could look up some music and try. As long as it sounds adventurous.


I'll try.... It might be quick (if I have the time[cant guarantee])


I can help make the music or get spells! I've read and watched all the Harry Potter books and movies! ( I also have flute and piano Harry Potter music books! )


I can try making the music as well, but I can't make it immediately. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, though!


Have you read the books?


I read 2 Harry Potter books


I think you've read the Sorceror's Stone and the Chamber of Secrets?


no, I ended up reading he chamber of secrets and the prisoner of Azkaben since those are the only Harry Potter books at my school libary :I


Are you going to add anymore characters?


No, those are the only characters you get as choices.