Which Draft to Finish? -Finishing Unfinished Drafts


Hello everyone! Today, well yesterday, I had an idea. Showing my unfinished drafts that I'm not planning on finishing! I cleared out my drafts yesterday and found a bunch of old drafts I might finish. I'll give the links and you guys can say which drafts you want me to finish! Does that make sense? I'm bad at explaining. Anyways, here are all the links-


•Beach Quest- https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/y2ziuedba For the summer contest, but never finished.
•A tapper- https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/y3266kj5o A rainbow tapper?
•Gem Battle- https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/y3hg17iy9 Was going to be awesome!
•Life- https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/y0aiiw9r4 A life simulator that I barely started
•Paper Printer- https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/y0j7lg6gy A tapper type game


So, which games do you want to be finished? Post which ones you'd like to be finished and I might try to finish it!

Thanks for reading this topic! Make sure to check back for new unfinished drafts!(Which will be often XD) Bai!


First! XD hahahaha


Zaaaap! Any replies please?


I have this unfinished song I don't think I'm going to finish:
(It was going to have bass lines and all that, too...)


[EDIT: The intro is supposed to be out of tune, and I'm sorry that there is just the vocals, and it's not even finished ;-;]


That sounds awesome! Too bad it probably won't be finished.


Really? Thanks!
I could possible try and recycle it, but that doesn't look all too likely.


Even though it's unfinished, it sounds AMAZING! I'm going to listen to it sometimes, I like the tune


Thanks! owo

Here's the original, since a single-line music thing is quite boring:

(It's part of the Servant of Evil song trilogy. The lyrics won't make sense because they're part of a story. If you want the whole story just look up "Servant of Evil trilogy" and you'll find it. It's quite sad.)


Yours sounds so much like it! How did you do that?


I dunno, honestly. I guess I just really knew the tune? XD

Thanks for all the compliments.


No problem! They are all true!

My vote!

lall of them :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol XD. Thanks!