Which Bios are Your Favorite Bios?



So, everyone here has a bio. Which one is your favorite? I personally like @SmileyAlyssa and @SnowGirl_Studios!


Ok this might sound selfish but mine has a bunch of detail but I also think @Huggingfluffybear has a looooong one and good one


Thank you it took a long time until I reached the like 5000 charecter limit!


My favorite is @LotsaPizza, short but sweet.

[I don't think anyone actually reads mine x-x


Thank you! :smile:
I like the quotes (and the rest of course) in @Gilbert189's! :D


The revive
Mine got updated so check it out


I love @SmilingSnowflakes, @Bananadog and @PixelMaster64's bios! c:

How could I forget @Fishyguitars's bio omg


Can I be in your encyclopedia? :D?


Yeah! c:

Just make up another version of a 'c:'! :3



U have to use the <
squidwward :D



I'll add it to my bio! :3


Yes :D!!!!


Ur going on my animu list

If u like animu


My favorite is @Maltese, @SmilingSnowflakes, and @Bananadog!


I like @Giraffedolphin26, @Rainboom, and mine :stuck_out_tongue:
Also @Maltese
I wonder if anyone reads mine XD


I read yours like, more than once every week XD


Mine are @UndertaleTacoz's @AHappyCoder's old one, and @EnchantedAnimallover's! And my favourite is mine :stuck_out_tongue:


I did! A while ago and found out ur a triplet and an actress


^.^ I just read yours and found out you and me are Ravenclaw buddies!