Where would you be without Hopscotch?



If that person never inspired you to create, what if you never looked up coding apps on the App Store? What coding thing would you be on? Where would you be without Hopscotch? Reply where below, or make a project why.

This is where I would be😂

I would be playing minecraft all day long lol! Sometimes I still do! But hopscotch is just as awesome!


I would play transformice all day


I would be really bored.


Yep, me too. It would be very hard to waste time coding?


I would be super bored and wouldn't be as smart


…I don't know


Yeah, where would all Hopscotchers be without Hopscotch?


Failing life :frowning:


I would probably be reading more.


I would be a bland person, with only great math intelligence.


I already play Minecraft all day... But I do sprinkle in some HS time.


I'd be dead. I'm just kidding :joy:. I'd be a bored person who plays the same video games, reads the same book a million times and has no other passion in life.


I would be really really bored. :T All I would have to do is homework. I'm never taking Hopscotch for granted, I'm telling you.


I would be really bored... i guess i would stilll have my normal life of hanging with friends after school everyday but... hopscotch is like my sanity


I would would probably be watching TV, like my sister is doing now!!:blush:


Yep, me too @Kitkat26


Without Hopscotch I would just be reading and drawing in my free time


I would be a hobo living in a box in a subway tunnel.


Be for real @F4rg0, please