Where/what place do you code? Survey!



So this is a fun survey to see where you code...lol
I saw nothing like this when I searched for it so I decided to do it?.

  • bed
  • couch
  • outside
  • car
  • restaurant
  • hotel
  • on the floor



I code in a couch or a bed.


I code in our house.


Out of 12 people, everybody codes on the couch ot in bed! Wow!


Lol if I had wifi outside I would definitely be on the forum outside or hopscotch....or I would probably even go for a jog if I could rep,y to these comments with voice lol!


I allready made a topic like this!

Please SBYP.

I will get a link.


What's!?? I looked through the search for Like 5 minutes and nothing came up so sorry..


Oh it's fine!

Let me see if I can find it!




It make take a couple of minutes...


I can't find it so I guess you can keep it but I know for a fact I had a poll in the topic as well.


Totally in the bed, or the couch :stuck_out_tongue:


I usually code on the floor because I'm too lazy to get up on the couch


Lol that reminds me I should so my workout/excersise..caus I feel really sluggish today....be back in 20 mins


Me too I think I'm sick :thermometer_face:


Wow that was really tiring the push-ups were a pain....


On the floor, couch, bed, or chair. I chose floor.


Couch or bed...

Mostly a desk ;)

But a do collabs in my bed .-.


Out of 33 people most are on the couch or bed! Wow! I need to go to sleep now


I code in NONE of those areas. I code in my chair.