Where to start in hopscotch?


When you first start hopscotch, you don’t know whether to make a project or view others. My advice is to look at other projects and familiarise yourself with coding. Then, you could try and start a game tutorial or if you do art, it won’t matter if you remix an art Pad unless it says Not FTU ( Free To use ). If you want to make friends, try and type a message to hopscotch saying that you need a friend. I could friend you, my name is Popkea. I hope this advice helps you!



Well said! :clap:


no one can stop you from taking peices of their code


All hopscotch projects are FTU. I’d recommend, if you are starting out at the beginning, watching the video tutorials, since they are very useful.

If you really don’t know anything, and want to learn it quickly, I’d also recommend getting the subscription and watching the other video tutorials.


These are great ideas! Watching video tutorials and looking at other projects to gain inspiration is always good when you first start out!