Where’s the Random-stuff category?



While making topics, I’ll usually want to use a random category if the subject doesn’t match up with the categories provided, but the thing is, I can’t seem to find it while making a topic so I have to leave it up to the good editors. Anyone know why?


You can’t see the random category because you’re a basic user. THT closed it off to basic users because they wanted new forumers to focus more on the coding aspect of the forum, and not mostly on the general topic and more random aspects.

One you get to the next trust level (member) you should be able to see it.

I can change this topic’s category to random if you want, tho I think #meta-forum should be fine.


@FearlessPhoenix explained everything very well.



I don’t think I did but thanks :slight_smile:


No, no. You did incredible. Thanks.


Don’t mention it, tag me if you need anything else.

Sorry for the late re, I posted the same thing 2 hours ago but I don’t think it went through.