Where’s the add code block?


Where’s the add code block?


Here’s a sweet pic:


@hopscotch-curators can you fix this?


Did you update yesterday?
Because THT accidentally released the beta version instead of the correct one. Maybe this is a bug they have to fix in the beta.


@Rodrik834 I found secret

Yes I do


I have the bug too,


Look at my latest projects


Double of triple click and it’ll pop up (it should but idk cuz I haven’t updated cuz of the bgus)


Well, as @tankt2016 said, THT released the wrong version of the app to the App Store due to human error, and there will be an update out soon to fix that issue. I would just wait until the new update comes out and see if this bug disappears. If not, you could report the bug to THT afterward. That´s my suggestion. You can read more about the “human error” here:


Yeah I did, is that the problem?


Yeah, probably. THT released the beta version instead of the correct one by accident.


It’s probably a bug, or this…

Idk since I haven’t been on the app in weeks


A fix is coming in the next release!


Plz make it quick, because projects don’t save neither! I was coding a project and then HS unexpectedly quit, and then all my progress was gone!


Try double tapping it.



Thanks, I already gave it a look and I’m glad they’re working to repair it as soon as possible! THX @awesomeonion!