Where is Valgo at?



Anyone notice that Valgo hasn't been on for 2 weeks! I wonder where he is. He may have just moved from hopscotch or something...


He was last seen on the forum 7 hours ago. He's probably just busy.

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I know about the forum but hopscotch.... @Valgo?


i think he is more on scratch he was on scratch 1 day ago..


I just haven't been on hopscotch that much. I am not leaving, phew! :sweat_smile:


Just continuing your trend


What have you been doing? If it's personal you don't need to say it I'm just asking


Oh well I had you a logo for some reason :sweat_smile:


I've been playing Minecraft a lot recently, and I just haven't been on hopscotch a lot.


Ok thanks for answering


Hopscotch FTW!


Why did people flag my post? Everyone here seems so..... xenophobic.


I just say Minecraft and people flag? What's wrong with Minecraft? There's nothing inappropriate about it. It's an award winning game and by far the most famous game currently.


I don't think it's quite fair either, other than a very little off topic :wink:.


Someone mentioned Minecraft. I do a harmless post saying that I like Minecraft. If people are so cautious about what I say why don't you guys go and look at the other off-topic posts people have done?


Can someone please tell me why?


I can tell you why! Wait. No I can't. Well, I guess this wasn't any help.
Back on topic:
Actually, I have nothing to say except I've noticed Valgo hasn't Ben active for a while, and now I'm happy to know he has not left like MagmaPOP, oh wait, and guess what! Funky 63 is not the lone wizard anymore. He is Real Funky 63!


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He is yay!


What does FTU and FTW stand for? I'm seeing them around hopscotch, and I don't understand what they mean.