Where is the save button for drafts in hopscotch?


I know hopscotch made a new update, but I can't find the
save cloud shaped button.
If anyone knows where the cloud button is can you please help me?
Thx everybody,
- Glow12/Skybird40


If you can't find it that means you don't need it!


@CutiesCuties Oh really? Cool. So u only need it when ur using someone else's ipad?


No, you still need it when you find it but only if youmade changes to it then play other games then the cloud button will appear and if you don't press it your changes won't be saved.


It's in the top right corner @glow12 but if you already saved or have no drafts it won't be there


Hello @glow12. @Ian emailed me saying if you're online your drafts automatically upload without you hitting the upload button. However if you have no wifi and make a project and go back online (getting a wifi connection) you will have to hit the upload button. Hope this helps! :pig:.


Thanks everyone! :heart: