Where is the record screen option?


This worked briefly this week and then I updated and it disappeared. It is so useful for the kids in class to be able to explain their projects.

It seems the update on iPad Air 2 mini 1 and 2 all have the feature missing. (These are the only devices I have access to).

Maybe it's user error on my part :wink:


Any help appreciated!


The recording feature is not available with all iPads, specifically older iPads


Please search before you make another topic next time! There are about 5 topics asking this!! :sweat_smile:


I did search and the other q's are not the same as mine :wink:

I have an iPad Air 2 128gb so there should be no issues. The recording function (that was available) has disappeared. This is the same on iPad mini 2nd gen that has the same RAM/processor specs as iPad 3. So this should be impacting on a lot of iPads.


What about my iPad mini first gen with 16-25 gigs of space


I don't have it ether! (Roll in the screen-shots)

Why, Hopscotch?!! Why??!!