Where is the preferred place to communicate with THT?



Self explanatory..

There are 3 possible places for me.

  1. Email THT from le Hopscotch App
  2. Email in Gmail or Yahoo! Mail
  3. In the amazing forum.

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What's the most recommended platform to communicate with them?
You guys are Leaders and Moderators, so you should know best among everyone here...


If it's a question, forum.
If you want s response, chances are that an email will be faster (depends on Liza)


I like to email from Gmail because when ever I try to email the THT from my Mom's IPad it brings it to her email.


I see...

I mean, things like "Recommendations" or "Feedback" or just a random "Hello, How are you" kind of thing...


Email then. Might not be the fastest response, but 90% of the time people will reply.
If you @ Liza on the forum, chances are se won't see it. 50% (or she won't reply) cuz she gets like 50 notifications a day xD


Oh yeah... Never though of that...


Emailing is definitely the fastest way, but if you want to have a longer chat with them, then do google hangouts!


I don't want to show them my face...


I'm a Guy, yet I need my own privacy...


You can ask them to message you, then tell them everything you need. It's easier for me because I'm really comfortable with and used to the forum

They respond in a day or two, and you can talk to any one of the members. This is easy because they also send you super cool stuff through email :wink:

It's like texting, and you can add as many members as you would like. You don't need to show any part of you, and you don't have to speak

My order of preference is Email, Forum, Hangouts


You don't have to show your face! There's an option to hide it!


I just email them. They respond quickly, and it's really easy! :slight_smile:


But still doesn't answer my questions...

Yes, they seem useful but...

For the Email part... Email from the Hopscotch App? Or Email from Gmail Web?


It doesn't matter, you can reach them from both



Okay then....
Thanks (?)...