Where is the new beta testing?


I recently joined the Beta team about 2 weeks ago and I'm not getting any thing about the new testing but all of the other beta people are!!


Do you have hopscotch beta?


You should email the Hopscotch Team about it @Fifithefunnyflower. When you joined, did they send you an email letting you know?


Yes they did but not really sure I get a lot of emails


Maybe try checking your junk or spam box in your email and see if any emails are there. If it's not there then I think you should email them letting them know and check if you're still getting their emails and, just in case, make sure you're on the beta list.

Sorry you missed out this time but hopefully next time you'll be able to beta-test :smiley:


Hey @Fifithefunnyflower! So sorry you didn't get the last beta email! I just checked our list and made suer you're on it. Can you check your spam folder?

The good news is that it was a really small beta, with minimal changes. So you didn't miss much :smile:

The next one will be bigger. I'll double triple check we send you it. Stay tuned!


My Hopscotch emails go to my VIP but I will check my spam


@Fifithefunnyflower I believe when the hopscotch team sends you back an email,there should be a link click on it to sign up that's what I had to do


Hi its Bear Honey Yum I didn't get an email either