Where is HS HQ?


I'm moving to NYC soon and I want to check it out before school.


I have been to hopscotch HQ! @Nerd4Ever

It's in Midtown Manhatten 305 Madison Ave NYC!
I think :D


I'm going there soon! I just know it's somewhere in New York :relieved:


Cool! Have fun in NYC!

It's on Madison Avenue, but I dunno the exact address.


Close if you want.


What did you do?
Did they write a blog post about you?
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


I think this can be left open! Others may have something to add, even if you got the answer. :slight_smile:


I went in June!

I mostly coded with Rodrigo!
I taught him some stuff and he taught me some stuff! We coded one the hopscotch iPad you see in some of da vids!
It has lots of hopscotch betas on it XD

I was not written about in the blog :D @Snoopy!


Cool! I live in NYC! It's on 42nd and Madison in a place called Grand Central Tech. :smile:


It's at grand central tech.


Also known simply as Grand Central Tech XD