Where has PotatoLover3 been?


So hello.
How are you guys?
I'm just here to express my mind.
Take notice I don't mean to be mean in this topic so I am very sorry if I seem a bit rude.

Do you guys know PotatoLover3?

She/They are still on HF, just a bit more inactive.
They stop by some times to say hi and stuff.
But yeah.
I made a topic about you, @PotatoLover3.

The thing is, they quit for a certain reason. I know them irl, and they told me the real reason, the actual truth.
I'm not going to pint out any names but...it was because some people were being rude, and downing their knowledge (aug sorry my English).
Potato: "Blah blah blah fact about something"
Random: "actually, that is not true at all. full paragraph on how they are wrong."

They (Piper) told me that she felt uncomfortable in a place that she could never explain thoughts without being punching her down.

Also, she said she felt young.
Piper and I were born on the same day (exactly) and we are the same age (12) but she still feels like we are too young.
The problem is that she says there are way smarter people on the forum than her.
That also makes her uncomfortable.

Another other reason is that sometimes she feels people are ganging up on her.
Like, sometimes she would say something and the same person every times goes and pushes them down.
~Potato stands up and makes a topic
~another person says the idea is bad and she should quit.

The last reason is because she feels that people are not really taking interest in her topics. Piper feels bad about this because she sees topics that get a bunch of comments on and are trending and such.

Her general topic didn't die as fast as mine, but still.

Maybe we should bring Piper back?
Maybe make a new start?

Some of Potato's best friends (forum)
(She told me this list)

Ehhh I forgot the rest of the list.
Sorry @PotatoLover3.



Oh also, I am very sorry if my English is bad. If you guys see something that doesn't look right, please point it out and I will try to fix it.


Yes we should start over with her.

Also with 'she and me' i'm sure it's 'she and i'


Yeah I'll fix that.
Thank you so much ._.


Woah...thanks so much!
Your English is fine, Lee.
It's not too bad.


You also left out 'o' in point
Simple mistakes


Your talking to a German from Canada.
Your also talking to a fluent German until they were 7.
I'm not okay.
"I'm not okay." - My Chemical Romance 2004


I'm from england and I only know English.

Your english is quite good.


That's kind of because that's their main launguage.
I think.
Augg I don't know.

(Oh I saw that edit you changed 'well' to 'quite good'.)


Either way it's good


Actually, I feel really good right now.
I lifted all of these thoughts off my chest without failing!
This is actually a first.
One of the topics I made was a bit biased, and it got closed and isn't able to be seen by me.


I changed the title a bit.
Hope you dont mind


i swear to sparta i aug......
Ok I don't mind.


Sorry if i'm bothering you


Oh... I really hope we can make her feel better.


I believe it's possible.
ptfff she'll join when this topic is done hopefully.


(lol i am terrible. don't ask why.)


Revive again.


@POTATOLOVER3 I MISSED YOU!!!!!!! Fren welcome back :smiley:


Hi everyone I guess you forget me