Where Does Positivity Take You?



Did you know that one of the most important keys to success is positive thinking?

With this key, it is easier to achieve success, improve relationships, have better health, and enjoy happiness, satisfaction and inner peace. This key, also helps in the daily affairs of life, making everything flow more smoothly, and with less friction. A positive attitude makes life look brighter and promising.

Positive thinking is contagious. People around you pick your mental moods and are affected accordingly. Think about happiness, good health and success, and you will cause people to like you and desire to help you, because they enjoy the vibrations that a positive mind emits.

In order to make positive thinking yield results, you need to develop a positive attitude toward life, expect a successful outcome of whatever you do, but also take any necessary actions to ensure your success.

Effective positive thinking that brings results is much more than just repeating a few positive words, or telling yourself that everything is going to be all right. It has to be your predominant mental attitude. It is not enough to think positively for a few moments, and then letting fears and lack of belief enter your mind. Some effort and inner work are necessary.

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  • Are you willing to make a real inner change?
  • Are you willing to change the way you think?
  • Are you willing to develop a mental power that can positively affect you, your environment and the people around you?
    Take action and follow the tips below.

Tips for Positive Thinking - Your Key to Success

  1. Use only positive words while thinking and while talking. Use words such as, 'I can', 'I am able', 'it is possible', 'it can be done', etc.
  2. Allow only feelings of happiness, strength and success into your awareness.
  3. Disregard and ignore negative thoughts. Refuse to think such thoughts, by substituting them with constructive, happy thoughts. Every time a negative thought finds its way into your mind, immediately replace it with a positive thought.
  4. In your conversation, use words that bring forth feelings and mental images of strength, happiness and success.
  5. Before starting with any plan or action, visualize clearly in your mind its successful outcome. If you visualize with concentration and faith, you will be amazed at the results.
  6. Read at least one page of inspiring book every day.
  7. Watch movies that make you feel happy.
  8. Minimize the time you listen to the news and read the newspapers.
  9. Associate yourself with people who think positively.
  10. Always sit and walk with your back straight. This will strengthen your confidence and inner strength.
  11. Walk, swim or engage in some other physical activity. This helps to develop a more positive attitude.
  12. Think positive and expect only favorable results and situations, even if your current circumstances are not as you wish them to be. In time, your mental attitude will affect your external life and circumstances, and change them accordingly.


When you take your coding into a matter of effects and causes, you'll begin to notice that Positivity is the number one key factor in any success anywhere.


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Adding on...

To have a truly positive effect on others, you have to feel truly positive to yourself and toward others. If you are just smiling and acting kind to some people, you're shedding yourself onto them. What kind of person you truly are effects others.

Today, I was called "orch dork" because I like orchestra, and I talk about it. She said "Hey, orch dork," then conversed blah blah. She went off to her group, and then smiled like nothing happened.

She wasn't truly and positive happy person. If you feel deep down happy, and you aren't rude, you will be truly happy and successful


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Try not to let people get to your head :slight_smile: you can be happier that way. If you are teased, they are most likely jealous. I speak from experience


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Is Jealousy the same as envy?
Jealousy is slightly different from envy. You can envy someone for something they have, such as if they have more money or material possessions that you do, they do better at school than you or you think they are more attractive than you are. Envy is wanting something you don’t have and jealousy is about wanting to keep or possess something that you already have.
Why do people feel jealous?
Jealousy is sometimes called the ‘green-eyed monster’, and if you experience the feeling of jealousy, it can feel like you have a monster inside you that you can’t control. Jealousy can come from feelings of low self-esteem of lack of confidence. When someone is unhappy about themselves, feels anxious and insecure, this can lead to feelings of jealousy and being out of control.


Yes this is wonderful. I'll add to be nice is not to say a compliment but to me a in. Today a girl was saying how poor I was and then she was like I love your shirt and I know she was not being nice. If she ment it then that's different but mean your words people


That's awesome- and I think I have enough positivity! :smile:


@SmileyAlyssa your the forums main source of positivity and kindness!


I agree, and well said! :smile: I try to spread smiles throughout the forum. :smile:



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