Where do you stand in the community? POLL


Hey guys! I made another poll, and this one is just about where you stand in the Hopscotch community. Are you just a forumer because hopscotch is boring, or just a forumer because of your schedule? Do you have both (like me) an LOVE both or just spend most of your time on Hospcotch and rarely come on the forum. Let me know by entering into the poll and you may start a helthy debate in the comments if you wish. (no profanity, rudeness, etc.)

Poll closes on November 5th!
Don’t forget my other poll I have going on- What your favorite thing to see on Hopscotch is- closes tomorrow, October 30th. (Day before Halloween)

  • Just a Forumer- Hopscotch is Boring
  • Just a Forumer- I have no time to code
  • Both Hospcotcher and Forumer- I love both!
  • Mostly Hopscotcher- Forum is weird

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I love both things as they are amazing - you get to meet other Hopscotchers, share code, get help, see amazing projects and so much more on the forum. And the app is the best coding app with an amazing coding community - and coding is super fun!


I usually don’t have the time to code stuff/there are more fun stuff to do for me


I has no app because I has no device capable of supporting it ;-;


I am mostly a Hopscotcher, but I don’t think the forum is weird :0


‘‘Twas in summer 2016.


No, some people on the forum are weird, but the forum itself isn’t XD


‘Lek. Guess you’re right.


Thank you to everyone for your input on this poll!
Don’t forget, this poll ends November 5th, and my other poll- What you like to see on Hospcotch- is on it’s last stretch and ends on the 30th. (For many of you it already ended)
Keep em coming for this poll, though!