Where do you get pictures that you can use to animate with?


So like if i got the subscription for 1 month, i already know what i will code. There was recently a project in featured that had an animated donkey kong, created by used a bunch of pictures. Does anyone know what website i can get pics like that? Here's the link :)


Search them on "Google" and find images also sometimes people use gifs.


You can use gifs with the hopscotch subscription. And i couldnt find anything when i googled, so thats why i asked the forum.


I know you can use gifs, and it depends on what you search.


What do you think i should search?


Anime, Cute Panda, Pokemon, anything you'd like!


Those searches arent specific enough - when i look them up, i mostly just get definitions. I need to find animations of characters - for now, i dont mind which, i just need a link


Go to the image tab.


Then it just shows pictures, not with animated backrounds. I am just asking if anyone has a link to a site like this.


@happyfacegirl I suggest typing in something like this:
'___ Gifs'

If you type it in like that, less pictures will show up and a lot more gifs will. :D


I agree @Pingu


oh hey anon :D


I think this is how people do it:
(Requires a computer/anything that can seperate a GIF into frames)

1) Find a GIF you'd like to animate.

Save the image.
Then, use Preview to open it. It should look kinda like a PDF, with each image being it's own little "page".

2) Save all the frames seperately.

This step is kinda painstaking if you have lots of frames, but it's crucial.
Once you're done, you should probably save the images as "GifFrame1", "GifFrame2", and so on.
If you're using a sticker/transparent background, be sure to save it as a PNG!

3) Send the images to your iPad (or whatever you use to code)

Warning: if you're sending a lot of pictures, it will probably take a while to send.
Save all the images onto your iPad.

4) Insert the pictures into HS!

Then, use the animation technique.

I dunno, I just think this is how people do it...
I bet there's a much more efficient way somewhere out there...


I would go to a sprite website. :slight_smile:


Im not looking for gifs tho. Im looking for a bunch of pictures that make an animation when put together, yknow?


XiaoMiaoMi already told you how to do that :l


Hmm maybe "animated character frames"? I'll try and let you know if it works!

EDIT: Nope that didn't work! XD I will try some more things


I found a sprite website thanks @AwesomeNachos so yah thanks for the help guys!!!!!


Great! I also found that you can look up "animated character sprites"


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