Where do you draw the line between code and not code?



So there have been more and more projects with not so much code like chat rooms and rp. Everyone really likes art but when you've remixed someone else's pad you've done no code. If you're using you're own pad that's fine. But chat rooms should go. What do you guys think?

  • get rid of chat rooms
  • keep chat rooms



Chat rooms as long as they're related to coding :yum:


If it's someone discussing a collab or a club then it's not so bad, but if it's just random stuff not related to Hopscotch, it has to go.


I use chatrooms on Collab accounts to talk about code.
(You can't see them, they're in the drafts.)


Chat rooms aren't coding, but they're useful, so we should still keep them around. But you can't really code


Who are you on Hopscotch? I'll check you out!


I had one account, then I logged out and forgot my password :slight_smile: XD I have another one, with like nothing


What is your username, @IAMBETTERTHANUALL?


I think chat rooms are fine as long as you have coding in it!


Chat rooms = pedo phile ground. Unfortunately this is true.


I think the Forum is where you can collab and talk about coding. Not Hopscotch the app.


It's iambetterthanuall


It's okay to use them for coding or a collab!


There is one chatroom that is okay:
Calico2.0/Velveeta Keeta's Chatroom! Check it out! :wink:
Don't worry!


Chatting I think is ok if it's a collab or something but rp's and not hopscotch related chats are taking over hopscotch! It's not good :(
So if you make a chat, make sure it's related to hopscotch! :wink:


Yeah I think that rp's should go because they don't have any code unless they make it like a theatre production or story.