Where do you code?


Hey guys I am intrasted where do you code?

  • under a loft bed

  • outside

  • in school

  • on de couch

  • in de chair

  • on the floor

  • in a helicopter!(troll option unless you do this often!)


Here is where I code under a loft bed a night and here is my setup!


Under a loft bed for me mostly some pics of it!

de earbuds

the iPad!

and the charger!

  • In School
  • On a huge chair
  • On the bus
  • On my couch
  • On my Bed
  • On my beanbag
  • In front of the TV
  • On my hammock
  • In an airplane
  • In the care
    And many, many more places!


He the loft beds we are buds!




Me do it
At school

On my bed

And sometimes on the trampoline or in the pool

  • Sometimes during the end of school
  • on the bus
  • on the couch
  • on the floor
  • on the bed
  • under the bed
  • on a bungee chair
  • in front of the Tv
  • outside
  • inside
  • in the car
  • in the airplane
  • at the kitchen table
  • while doing homework
    many other places too


I usually code on a sofa. If I'm not coding on a sofa, then I'm coding in school.


In the pool on the trampoline how?


Is this what you mean
I some times do it in the pool
And I sometimes do it lying on the trampoline


But won't your iPad or phone get wet? And how do you jump and code at the same time?


I sit on the steps and code then I put my iPad in side and jump in


Oh that makes sense!


This is where I code...

A phone's close enough.... (Best GIF I could find)


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I usually lay on my bed and code! :smile:


Well I do it in a chair cuz it makes me feel more not casual :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


On my couch because that's the only place I can code.


I usually do it during LA. :wink::joy:


What's LA
Is it the Place or something else