Where did trending go?


Just drama and art. And there’s already an art channel


I don’t think they take away trending on purpose bc on drama and etc, I think theyre just working on the app so they have to remove it temporarily. I could be wrong tho


Yeah they prob are just working on the channel. Or taking it away temporarily until all the buIIying goes away.


Yeah I mean, maybe if the bully Ing stops they might bring it back but it’s unlikely they’re working on it. What would they be working on anyways?


Possibly a new update or new tab?


A new tap to replace trending would be nice. But what would the new tab be? News?


Yeah, like updates and news! That would be cool.


Yeah or like maybe tips and tricks. But I agree, the news channel would be much more useful. Even an RP channel


Yeah, rp clog up it, but with a channel there would be less of it. Wouldn’t they still appear on newest tho?


Yeah but maybe they’re working on not making it appear on newest.


True. @Ana what do you think of our idea?
to make an updates and future challenges tab?


An RP channel that wouldn’t clog up the newest and other channels would be awesome.


Yeah! I have to go now, (School bleh)


Wait, future challenges? You mean, like, they tell you a challenge before it starts?


Lol, I just finished school


I just invited @ana to come over and check out our ideas


Well, as others said, it is probably because of the high tension between some people in the community that Trending was causing right now. I´m pretty sure that THT it back when those people are calmer if they aren´t suspended or anything.


Maybe they’re trying to fix the algorithm again.


Maybe. Or maybe they’re trying to add a bully filter. Or they might take out the algorithm and put projects themselves on trending.


Heh I wish that hopscotch would be more like a coding app then an art app or chat(there is other things for that) I appreciate the art pads, if you make it yourself, but just doing art or chat isn’t enough.